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The earliest known people living in what is now Munster are the¬†Potawatomi Indians. Additionally, a trail along the dry sandy ridge now known as Ridge Road is well traveled by the indigenous inhabitants. Today, Downtown Munster, the Town Hall, Police and Fire Department headquarters and the Munster Post Office are all situated on Ridge Road. The town of Munster was officially incorporated in 1907 and as a result quickly grew into a booming community. The 2010 Comprehensive Plan for Munster’s includes plans for a new town center with shopping and dining areas organized around a new commuter train station.
Due to the towns location, Munster is home to several prominent businesses. Munster is home to Anthony & Dziadowicz Funeral Home, Burns-kish Funeral Homes and kish Funeral Homes. The town is also home to Commons Health Care, Community Hospital, Hartsfield Village and Saint Margaret Mercy Hospital. Some of the best sopping in the area is also located here including The Pavilion on 45th, Harrison Ridge Mall and Eastwood Mall.

Did you know

The town of Munster is named after early residents, the Monster family, from the Netherlands. In the 1850s. The railroads brought settlers into the area and carried Lake County crops and dairy product to profitable Chicago markets. At the time, the railroad depot at Maynard is the only map reference within the boundaries of the future town of Munster.

Tradition has it that the Post Office location at the Munster General Store had much to do with the eventual naming of the town. In any event, the new town was incorporated in 1907 and given the name of one of its distinguished first citizens. Rich farmlands along the north ridge on the Little Calumet River attracted the first families. Onions, beets, and cabbage were among the products farmed in the area.