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Many American towns stake a claim in railroading for their existence. Few can trace their very name to those steel ribbons that link east with west and north with south.
History indicates the town of Griffith may have been named after a surveyor for the Grand Trunk Railroad, E.P. Griffith. Griffith is also home to Fagen-miller Funeral Homes and White Funeral Home. Shereville also has a vibrant shopping scene with stores like Griffith Park Plaza, Rainbow Shops and Blythe’s Sport Shop.

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In the 1870s he mapped the terrain, set the grade for the tracks and the area became known as Griffith’s Section. By the time the Grand Trunk line was completed in 1879, both name and town had become one.

The Dwiggins brothers, Jay and Elmer, were businessmen from Chicago who founded the town in 1891. They planned to call it Dwiggins Junction, said Karen Kulinski, of the Griffith Historical Society. “In the end, they chose to keep the name of Griffith,” she said, adding they did name several streets after themselves: Jay, Elmer and Dwiggins. They also laid out many of today’s lots, roads and alleys and called it “Chicago’s Best Factory Suburb,” Kulinski said.

And today’s downtown sports a fresh street-scape, many stores and shops, a bike trail to replace some of those steel ribbons and — of course — that famous crossing with train traffic that has steamed across Broad for 162 years.

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