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Based on a recent survey, the town of Dyer is one of the best places to raise a family. As a result, the town has grown dramatically in the last 50 years. The area is mostly flat, except for the steep sand ridge south of US Highway 30 which is called the Glenwood Shoreline. Due to the ease of development, Dyer has grown into one of the best communities in the country.
The earliest historical records date back to 1838, and On June 1, 1855 the original plat of the town was chartered. A settler from Pennsylvania named Aaron Norton Hart played an integral role in developing Dyer’s infrastructure. He died in 1883 while working on a ditch near Plum Creek. As a result of his dedication to the town, Hart Street is named in his honor. Most noteworthy today is the beautiful Meyer’s Castle which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
Dyer is home to Castle Hill Funeral Home, Fagen-miller Funeral Home and Smits Funeral Home. St Margaret Mercy Hospital also calls Dyer home. Dyer has some of the best health care facilities in the region including Regency Place Health Care, Symphony of Dyer and Dyer Nursing & Rehabilitation.

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Dyer is first described in records that date back to 1838. As a result, the original State Line House is built facing Sauk Trail and named after the Sauk Indians who probably lived there for centuries. The State Line House originally housed travelers going to Chicago, and after that became an overnight resting place for Union soldiers during the Civil War.

Over the years, more and more people have raiser their families in Dyer, Indiana. As a result, the community has flourished. The original plat for the city of Dyer was dedicated on June 1, 1855 and since then the town has continued to grow. This date is however questionable because on the platt document there is a notation that reads, “No doubt an error in date of record.” However, there is not any indication of a corrected date and no other mention of an incorrect date has ever been found.

The first Town Meeting was held on March 10, 1919 in a store building owned by Henry Schulte at 229 Joliet Street. The owner was paid $2.00 rent for each meeting held at his store. Shortly thereafter, mail was delivered to homes in the Town of Dyer for the first time in October of 1954. Since then, Dyer has grown into a bedroom community of Chicago with a population of over 16,000 residents.

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